Not the Same

He rang the doorbell for the 7th time. His hands were shaking. Arms heavy. Head almost spinning. He was nervous. Kundan was going to meet Sanchika after so many years, 15 years to be more precise. He has no idea about how things are now, or if she is even married. It was quite a huge coincidence, him meeting Sanchika in a chicken shop. Well the world’s a small place isn’t it. Memories of her had faded slightly, but the pain and desire was still fresh and traumatizing. Kundan had finally learnt how to live without her. He had learnt the art of forgetting things while still remembering them. But the sudden encounter made him forget everything. He was sewing dreams all over again, thinking there still might be a chance. Only time will determine his destiny though.

Sanchika had finally opened the door. Her eyes shimmering, still as beautiful as they were 15 years back. Her face has changed, it became more mature. A mask of maturity and seriousness had hidden the careless smiles and blush. Time almost stopped. Frozen he stood, looking into her eyes, analysing every detail. Had things really changed? He asked himself. The silence was broken by a loud thump inside. Kundan was shaken to reality. Sanchika glanced inside a looked back at Kundan again. Her expressions had no feeling. As if she had forgotten all those nights, all those conversations and all that love.

‘Come on in’ she said
‘yes’ he nodded.

Over the threshold was a long corridor, with pictures all over. Pictures of Sanchika with some others who were completely unknown to him. Most of the pictures were of her with a young boy about 5 years old. His heart pounded loudly. His throat was drained and dry. He couldn’t take in the bitter truth. He still hoped it wasn’t what he thought it to be. He pulled his eyes off the pictures and walked briskly straight into the hall. He heard a voice. A boy’s voice. He almost had a heartattack.

‘Mother! Come here and help i just dropped the glass!’ the boy said loudly.
‘ya i am coming! Kundan please sit I’ll bring you some juice’ Sanchika said.

Kundan’s tongue had frozen. His legs were shaking. It was as though he would wet his pants any moment. It was her child. It was her son in the picture. She was married. She bore someone else’s child. She gave birth to the fragment of someone else’s body. She was the mother of boy of whom he wasn’t the father. He was traumatized and in complete shock. How could this have happened. How could she forget him so easily. How could she have moved on. He thought to himself. He murmured words that made no sense. He was going insane. His brain stopped working. His knees became weak. He fell onto the sofa. Tears filled his eyes. He could hear Sanchika’s and her son’s voices. He looked at the huge picture that hung on the wall in front of him. Three people stood happily in it. Sanchika, Ryan and their son. Sanchika had married Ryan. A greater pain pierced his heart. His eyes couldn’t hold the tears anymore. He let them roll over his cheeks. Sanchika had married his biggest rival, his biggest enemy. How could she have done all this, he thought. He couldn’t breath. His throat was swollen up. His viens popped out as he held his breath in anger. He couldn’t bear it anymore.

He heard footsteps, and he quickly wiped the tears away, and put a twitching smile on his face. Sanchika entered the room with her five year old son following her.

‘This is my son, Ashwin. Ashwin, this is my old friend, Kundan, say hello.’ she said
‘Hello uncle’ Ashwin said as he stepped forward and stretched his hand out for a handshake.
‘H-Hello there little champ….pleasure meeting you’ Kundan said, and he shook his hand trying to act natural.
“My enemy’s son. My enemy’s successor. His fragment.” He thought to himself. His blood boiled and he looked at Ashwin with sheer anger and hatred.
“But it’s her child too. She loves him. She loves Ashwin, he is her son. Her son” he thought again and smiled, trying to forget all the hatred.

‘You married Ryan.’ Kundan said
‘Yes.’ Sanchika said, not even the slightest look of shame on her face.
‘Hmm. I never thought you would become materialistic at the end.’
‘what? I love Ryan. That’s why I married him’
‘Hmmm. When did you fall in love with him all of a sudden. You hated him didn’t you’
‘When I got to know him better i found out that he wasn’t so bad’
‘I see’

Tears filled his eyes again, raging tears. He faught them back.

‘Things have changed haven’t they?’ He said
‘Sure they have’ she replied

It took only 15 years for her ‘true love’ to change. Only 15 years, and the bond was gone. Time is almighty, it changes everything. All of these thoughts came to Kundan all at once. He was overwhelmed. He couldn’t withstand the pain and humiliation anymore.  Sanchika was no longer the same. Nothing was the SAME.


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