Unsaid (Chapter 2)

# 2
## The Friend Request

I stood up and walked to the building’s gate. I couldn’t hear Raajan’s voice, nor Ashima’s. They must have went to the terrace which was above the 5th floor. I had no intentions of going all the way up simply call that idiot. And i knew his answer already, he wouldn’t come. It was 9 o’clock now and soon i would be getting a call from father. I thought of giving Raajan back his phone but i thought it wouldn’t be necessary and neither a good idea. I was confused. I finally came to the decision that i should at least tell him that i am going.

I slowly scaled each stair, noticing the paan stains on the wall and the Rajnigandha packets lying around. Tiwari uncle was famous for this. After scaling the flights of stairs i was finally standing right before the grille that prevented me from entering the terrace. I tried pushing the grille away, and it was open as hoped. I walked sneakily, so as to not disturb the two of them. And then after a few minutes of scanning in the dark i could see 2 dark figures standing very close to each other. I found them standing in a pretty awkward and strange posture. Perhaps i couldn’t make out in the dark. Next I heard the smacking of lips. I wasn’t sure if it was actually happening but then i realized that it really is. I couldn’t help but notice the swap of sides, when the two of them tilted there heads in opposite directions. I ain’t good at describing kissing scenes.

‘Damn that idiot’s doing it!’ i murmured

They were so engrossed in the activity that they barely noticed the loud grinding sound i had just made with my feet as i slipped over a piece of cardboard. I decided that going back home without telling him anything would be a far better idea. However an idea struck my mind, and i quickly took out my phone and recorded it. 47 seconds of a video filled with lip smacks and moans. Now it was time for me to go, and i was pretty sure that father and mother would understand the excuses i would make in proof of his innocence. I quickly descended those stairs. And the only thought that came into my mind was, how in the world did an introvert like Raajan manage to pull off a two timer? The guy is just fifteen and he is already snogging a girl, and is thinking of another as well. Bloody two timer. So basically he was acting extra innocent in front of me, while he was the actual love guru. I’ll teach him a lesson.

I went back home, and dodged most of the questions that my parents threw at me. I had said that Raajan would eat at Manish’s house today, and surprisingly and fortunately this time they were gullible enough to believe all the rubbish excuses of mine. Why was i even trying to save that bastard from trouble.

After i had done my dinner i locked myself inside my room and switched the computer on. Logged into my Facebook account and searched for ‘Priya Yamini’. I was really curious to see how she looked like. I had already searched Raajan’s phone but he had probably hidden all the pictures from his gallery. All i could find was a few pictures of WWE stars and wallpapers. The guy was a complete genius in these fields. A big list of Priya Yaminis came up, but i managed to find her account. As in the mutual friends list was Raajan’s account ‘Raajan Rockstar’. I clicked on it, extremely careful to keep the mouse pointer far away from the ‘Add Friend’ button. I scrolled down but i found nothing but pictures of female celebrities and dolls and cartoon characters. Her real face was nowhere to be seen on her timeline. I was depressed.

But i didn’t lose hope of course, i was too determined to find out how she looked like. I went through her friends’ profiles, searched for a picture in which she might have been tagged but no luck. I didn’t find any significant picture which matched my requirements. I had been doing this for an hour and  it was 11 o’clock now. Raajan was yet to come. I wasn’t worried about him, the only thing i was curious about was, what might he be possibly doing. However i didn’t dare think of the possibilities. I was now resting my eyes, rolling them. I was very uncertain about my feelings towards this girl now. Why should i be so eager about her. It seemed silly of me to think about that, because my brother liked her, even though he was a two timing idiot, i couldn’t have gone against my limits. But my mind still wandered over her thought.

My thoughts were broken by a loud knock on my door. Father had come to notify me about the next day being a holiday due to some problems at school. I wasn’t much surprised to hear about it because i had already made the plan of not going the day after anyway. He also asked me if Raajan will come now. But i couldn’t say anything this time. I assured him that i’d open the door if he comes knocking. Then he went to his room and then the latch of my door went back up again, locking me back into silence.

I realized i had fallen asleep for quite a few hours when i was woken up by the vibration of Raajan’s phone. Ashima was calling. I picked up.

‘Hello?’ i said in a drowsy voice
‘Kartik! Bro quickly come open the door i am right here on the ground floor’ Raajan said
‘Huh? Ashima’s with you is it?’ I said after checking the screen again.
‘yes. Now hurry up’
‘Yeah i am on it.’

I sneaked into the living room and opened the door with extreme caution. In spite of my slow motion the door still made a shrieking sound. I hate old doors. In about a few seconds i could here his footsteps. He swiftly went over the threshold and went into my room. I closed the door and followed his trail. As soon as i entered my room i closed it shut.

‘What the heck were you doing? It’s 3 in the morning!’ i said slightly scolding him
‘I know, i know. But i couldn’t have lost my chance. I was in the zone.’ he said
‘Do hell with your bloody zone! I had to speak such shit to my parents! Now tell me precisely what did the two of you do?’
‘We just talked that’s it’
‘Don’t act smart. i saw the two of you snogging and moaning!’
‘So perverted of you to have done that’
‘I’am perverted? Still better than a two timing dog like you!’
‘Oh come on spare me the lecture for Christ’s sake! I just kissed her that’s all’
‘for 4 hours!?’
‘well things escalated you know and then….’
‘Don’t tell me you….’
A sudden pause was made in the middle of the continuous and raging conversation.
‘No no no no! Dammit no! I didn’t! Of course not! We just kissed and talked and had cups of coffee. Her parents weren’t at home, they were going to be away for the whole night’ he said panicking
‘You might have done it if you had enough the courage’
‘Bloody bastard….seriously!?’
‘Dirty little shit!’
‘whatever, let’s sleep now’

Then i went to the living room to fill my bottle as i had the habit of drinking water in the middle of the night. After coming back from the living room with a bottle of water i remembered about Priya.

‘Hey i forgot to tell you, Priya had called when you were doing your business up on the terrace.’ i said
‘Yeah? What did she say?’ he said
‘Nothing, she wanted to talk only to you so no messages.’
‘Oh okay.’
I had been thinking of asking, but my mind didn’t approve to it. But the slippery tongue blurted it out.
‘Can you show me her picture?’ I said, eyes fixed to the floor
‘I don’t have one’ he said with a sprinkle of innocence
‘don’t bloody lie to me!’
‘I ain’t lying!’
‘I won’t believe you’
‘your choice! But i don’t have any pics of her!’

We were sleeping on the same bed. And he was tossing and turning each second. I couldn’t sleep anyway. I was perhaps jealous of Raajan. Just because i had never been an attraction for 2 girls. And who knows maybe he has even more girls crazy for him. I felt my confidence decrease. I was now recalling the days i had spent in the boarding school, trying to magnify each moment and listing the names of girls who might have had a crush on me. I went through the years one by one but in the end the list didn’t even have a single girl. I used to look like Joy from Hero back in those days. Yep, no, never, i really didn’t have any lovers back then.

Dropping the topic, my mind wandered back to Priya. I was thinking of sending her a friend request. Raajan wouldn’t have any problem with it, i thought. I got up and quickly switched on the computer and logged into my account, opened Priya’s account and stared at the ‘Add Friend’ button, circling it with the mouse pointer.

‘Should i? Should i not? Should i? Should i not?’ my mind was playing games now. I had no idea what to do. I wanted to send her the request but on the same time i wanted to shut the computer down. The mouse pointer was now right on the ‘Add Friend’.

‘Raam bharose’ i said and joined my hands, bowed and then ‘click’.
But soon my mind had second thoughts.
‘What the hell did i do!’ I screamed to myself, almost waking Rraajan up. I clicked on the same button which now said ‘Friend Request sent’. But in return i only got a message box saying, ’there was a problem cancelling your friend request, please try again later’.

‘Mother of God!’ i cursed and tried again, but the result was the same. I buried my face in my palms.
‘Kill me please’ i murmured and logged out and shut down the computer. ‘Jo hoga dekha jayega’, i thought and finally fell into sleep.

The next morning I woke up at 7 before Raajan and did all the chores. At 7:30 i switched the computer on dreadfully, hoping for a notification and loads of message from her. But why would she text me? Even if she does accept my request why would she be angry at me. With assuring thoughts like these i tapped on my chest and told my heart ‘All is well’ and made my way into my account. Surprisingly she had accepted my request. And no messages from her, luckily. Suddenly my chest puffed up with joy. I was happy that she accepted me request.I had never gotten such a positive response from a girl so quickly before. One of the things that I thought of doing now was to ask her for her picture. But asking her for that, right then and there would have been awkward and risky because she would have probably thought of me as a stalker and a psychopath. But what could i have done, deprivation of female company makes a boy dull and a complete lunatic. So that was the only idea i had at that moment. And now maybe I might even take the risk of sending her a ‘Hi’ with a smiley. I was smiling like an idiot now.

Raajan woke up with a loud and extended yawn. He stressed his eyes to see and he looked at me.

‘Why are you smiling like a lunatic, up in the morning?’ he asked, rubbing his eyes.
‘My Friend Request got accepted’ i said
‘Never mind’


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