Unsaid (Chapter 5)

# 5
## Getting closer

I was in the bathroom, combing my hair for 7th time. I had been in there for almost half an hour. I had probably even applied excessive amount of gel on my hair even though i usually don’t use gel at all. I had applied cream on my face for the first time, ‘fair and handsome’. The deodorant was a must, i had over done it too, it seemed as though i had bathed with deodorant. My underams were irritated.  I wondered where all this came from, Raajan never used all this…or did he. I didn’t want to look bad on my first date. Date? No not date. Well for me it was quite a bit of a date. Idiot i was. I was admiring myself and correcting every slightest bit of malfunction in my outfit, when abruptly i heard a loud bang on the door, followed by a few more successive bangs.

‘What!?’ i replied
‘Get the fuck out! I need to pee!’ Raajan said aggressively. I wondered if he had already wet his pants.
‘Yeah! Out in a minute’
‘Not a minute! GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!’ he would have broken the door in a few more times.
‘Alright alright! Don’t destroy your own home atleast!’ i said and opened the door and quickly rushed out. His hand was waiting for my face. BAM! He slapped me hard. Very hard. I could feel the heat. My ear rang.

‘What the!? What was that for!?’
‘For being a fucking dickhead! And hijacking the bloody bathroom!’ he said and banged the door shut.
‘You didn’t have to slap me. Ouch’ i held my cheek in pain, it wasn’t a punch at least. I really did hijack the bathroom after all.

I didn’t wait any longer and put on the white shirt i had pressed. I was looking good, at least i thought so. It was just thirty past four, but i didn’t wait. I stepped foot outside the house and advanced forward like a soldier on a march. I didn’t even care to tell Raajan’s parents about my outing plan. I was irresponsible maybe….but Raajan would have had handle it for sure he knew i had plans. I decided to go to her house instead but i didn’t remember the way. I was so preoccupied thinking of what I would say to her during the walk to her house i merely noticed where we turned.

I had reached the beach and in just a few minutes it would be 5. I had been nervously fixing my hair and shirt. It was cold outside. I avoided a jacket as i hadn’t brought a nice one with me, all i had were 2 sweatshirts one that was torn at the cuff, and the other that had a faded print. I had to make the white shirt visible. But i then realized how big a mistake i had made. I was shivering violently. My teeth clattered and the sound was pretty audible.

I could see her in a distance. The sun had set. It was dark now. I could only make out her curves, her body a silhouette. She came under one of the streetlights, she was wearing a brown unbuttoned sweater under which was a white t-shirt with purple print. Skintight black jeans covered the legs. I could see something black tied around her left foot. She wore black sandles instead of heals unlike so many other girls. She approached me and snapped her fingers in front of my eyes, i had been looking squarely at her.

‘Where are you lost?’ Priya said sarcastically
‘Umm nowhere’
‘So let’s go. Or do you wanna stay here for a bit. We have a lot of time.’
‘We can stay for some time if you want it too.’
‘Sure then why not let’s take a seat’
We picked up two from one of the chairs that always lay around the entrance of the beach and sat. She noticed my shivering.
‘Where’s your jacket?’
‘i don’t have one at the moment.’
‘and why don’t you?’
‘I only have two sweatshirts and they look like shit.’
‘so you didn’t where anything?’
‘pretty much it’
‘You are gonna shiver like this the whole time then?’
‘No other choice’
‘Lets head back home. We should get you a jacket. You would catch cold otherwise’
‘Shut up and let’s go’
She held my hand pulled me off my chair and got me to my feet.

We quickly headed back and Priya waited outside as i took out my faded sweatshirt from my bag and sneaked back out like a ghost.

‘It doesn’t look so bad’
‘Yeah. You wouldn’t say it to my face anyway’
‘No really it looks fine.’
‘Ok so where should we go?’
‘There’s a fast food centre here.’
‘Or we could go to a restaurant instead’
‘Oh really?’ she giggled
‘I have like two thousand rupees with me…’
‘What? Seriously?’
‘Yeah’ i fished my pockets and pulled out four five hundred rupees notes and handed her.
‘Rich’ she mumbled and poked me in my stomach. ‘But you don’t have to spend so much. I am not your—’
‘Not my?’
‘Not your—’
‘Say it already!’
‘Not your girlfriend. Why would you take me to a restaurant?’
‘One doesn’t take his friends to a restaurant?’
‘He does but still…’
‘Fine then no restaurant if you are not okay with it. To the Fast food centre we march then!’
‘Umm okay!’

We were soon at the fast food centre she was talking about. It was substantially royal enough. We took our seats. The beach was visible. We could see the waves roll over.

‘So what to eat?’ I took the menu on the table and accidentally touched her hand. She looked at me in an awkward sense. I acted as if nothing happened. I was obsessed with ‘touch’!
‘Noodles maybe’ she said
‘They make momos too!’
‘I don’t like momos’
‘You what!?’
‘I don’t like momos’
‘How can you not like them! Okay then noodles for you and momos for me’
I got up and placed the order. When i came back she was drinking water. Everything she did looked so majestic. I was admiring the way she drank water. Idiot. She put the glass down, half of the glass was still filled with water. She excused herself and went to the washroom. I was then tempted….to drink the remaining half of her water.
I held the glass. “What are you doing!?” I thought to myself “psychopath!” “filthy!” “Freak!” I withdrew my hand immediately. What the heck was i thinking really.
She came back and the food was there too.

‘So tell me. You must be having a crush on someone now’ she asked, a fork in her hand
‘Not really. However I might have one’
‘Oh? On whom?’
‘She is….sitting right in front of me’
‘What?’ she said and blushed a bit. She looked at me and turned her gaze away. ‘Naughty little devar aren’t you?’ she said and giggled.
‘A bit’ i smiled

We were done eating and now we were strolling down the street without a destination under the starry cold sky. I purposely swung my hand back and forth much more than usual, only to bump mine with her’s.

‘Marching are you?’ she said and giggled
‘No just exercising my hands’ I said and grinned.

We found a bench and sat down under a dimly lit streetlight. We had a long chat. About friends, family and everyday life. I felt closer to her. A bond was being made perhaps. We played ‘truth and dare’, taking turns. And soon i took advantage, and gave her a dare.

‘Should i give you a difficult one?’
‘The most difficult’
‘Okay. Hold my hand’
‘Huh that’s easy….. Wait what?’
‘Do it’
Priya thought for a while. And then she smirked and held my hand tightly.
‘Done’ she said
‘Firm grip’ i said
‘Yeah i am strong!’ she said and smiled
‘So…..soft and warm’
‘Yep….pretty soft’
What the heck happened back then is completely out of my understanding. We kept on looking into each other’s eyes and we didn’t even think of letting go of each other’s hands. Hand in hand we kept on gazing and gazing. Why? No freaking idea!

‘I think we just broke a limit’ i said
‘Maybe we did’ she said still smiling
‘Are you guilty’
‘A bit maybe. But i am happy I don’t know why’
‘I am happy too— i don’t know why.’

I took a pause, frozen i looked slightly to the left of her eyes. I advanced forward. Our faces were extremely close, just centimetres away. I paused, and noticed her eyes widen to the full extent. She didn’t back off though. I aimed my lips upwards away from her’s and blowed gently on her cheek. And then i backed off. Her eyes were still wide. Fixed on my lips.

‘What?’ i asked
‘What was that!?’ she screeched a bit.
‘Nothing there was something on your cheek’
‘You could have told me!’
‘I decided not to’
‘You scared me a bit…..’
‘Why? Did you think, i was going to break another— limit?’
‘Tell me the truth’
‘Fine. Yes i thought so’
‘Who knows how many limits are gonna be broken’
‘Don’t encourage yourself davar ji’ she said smiled wickedly.
‘I must however try bhabi ji’ i said and smiled back

I was controlling my instincts and happiness so hard. There were fireworks in my head and butterflies and eagles and elephants and mice in my stomach. I was getting insane out of happiness. We were probably getting closer.


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