Unsaid (Chapter 6)

# 6
## Happy New Year

Those few days went by extra swiftly. I was going with the flow. I touched her more often, held her hands more often, glanced at her more often, our eyes locked onto each other more often. I felt as if i knew her longer than Raajan, as if I wanted her more than Raajan. She was slowly becoming my desire, she had taken over each neuron of mine. Just a few days were enough for me to completely fall for her. Yes, I was in love with her.

31st December had finally come. We were at Raajan’s house, preparing for the party. His cousins were there. I couldn’t help but flirt with Priya.

‘What?’ Priya said giggling
‘Nothing’ i said and let go of her hand.
‘Devar ji! What if someone sees us?’
‘We haven’t done anything wrong have we?’
‘No but still’
I poked her nose and ran away
‘Hey!’ she chased me down the hallway and Raajan obstructed the path. I crashed into him.

‘What the heck? Do some work you lazy people, running around the house like mice’ Raajan scolded us and went away picking up all the ribbons he had dropped.

We shrugged and got back to work.

We were done with all the setting up of the props by 1 o’clock in the afternoon. We just had to bring the food now which we were going to do in the evening. Priya and I were chatting on the phone while sitting next to each other. Crazy us.

‘What? 🙂 Priya we are sitting next to each other.’
‘So what’
‘ok then no problem let’s chat. What’s up?’
‘The sky?’
‘haha lol. Bad joke though XD’
‘What would you want your new year to start with?’
‘Something unexpected I guess. Something thrilling’
‘What bout you?’
‘Umm well same’
‘Hmm good’

Time passed by quickly. Very quickly. The sun had set now and it was dark. We went up to the terrace. And plugged the speakers in, and the music was on now. Half of us stayed back while the rest of us ventured out to bring the food. Priya and I went together and Raajan stayed back. Why did he keep dodging the chances to spend time with his girlfriend. Fuck it, it’s good for me though! I would now have the chance. I was so immersed in her that i didn’t even realize that i was probably betraying my brother. But the truth was, he didn’t love her. He just kept her as a trophy of some sort.

I grabbed hold of her hand as we walked.
‘Hey! What are you doing?’
‘What? Can’t i hold my bhabi’s hand?’ i said making my grip on her hand tighter.
‘You can but….’
‘But what?’
‘Nothing’ she smiled and held my arm with her other hand, as if i was her boyfriend, not Raajan.

We talked about the most stupid stuff. Talking to her never felt boring. I loved her voice. We bought everything we needed and sent the others with the food while Priya and I strolled down the beach. What was this? Why were we spending so much time together? Damn i have no idea. Did she….love me too? No she can’t….she just can’t. Or can she? I don’t know.

By 8:30 we headed back home, they all asked us so many questions but we cleverly dodged each one. Raajan seemed a bit uncomfortable about this but he eventually forgot, or maybe he pretended to do so. We played games and danced on the terrace and had a lot of fun. Raajan and Priya hardly talked. Priya spent most of her time with me. I could see a slight gesture of frustration on Raajan’s face. He was probably having thoughts by now.

The moment came. The new year was about to begin in a few more minutes. Priya grabbed hold of my hand and dragged me off to the other side of the terrace where it was dark. Far from the vision of everyone else we stood there, adoring each other’s faces under the moonlight. The blue bloom made her cheeks glow, i wanted to hold her face and kiss her. But she would have probably slapped me. We just stood there smiling.

‘What now? Why did you bring me here?’
‘New year’s about to start!’ she checked her watch. And soon the countdown started. All the people on their terraces screamed in unison. All their voices haphazardly synchronizing.


‘Let’s start the year with something thrilling and completely unexpected Kartik!’ Priya screamed. Raajan and the others were too busy with the countdown that they didn’t even hear Priya’s voice, nor did they notice our absence.

‘What!?’ i screamed with her


‘I’ll show you!’
‘Show me what!?’

“3-2-1 Happy new year” everyone screamed.

Priya lunged at me and our lips softly collided. She kissed me. Her damp lips were so soft and sweet. The fireworks burst one after the other. We French kissed. Our eyes shut, we made out without stopping. I grabbed her waist and held her tight, she held my face and kissed me with sheer passion. I couldn’t stop. We kissed till we lost our breath. I went on even further and kissed her on the neck, softly bit her and nibbled on her shoulder, sliding her top off. I kissed her chest. She couldn’t stop either, she didn’t want me to stop. But she forced herself and stopped me.

‘Kartik, no’
‘Why stop now?’
‘Because this is the limit’
‘We have broken all limits now Priya.’
‘No. We aren’t responsible enough for this yet.’
‘Okay then, let’s keep this limit for now then’
I kissed her again, she was so desperate to get my t-shirt off but the limit, stopped her. We were done making out. No one had yet noticed our absence. We stood there embracing each other, smiles on our face, cheeks probably red as tomatoes, our lips still moist.

‘Happy new year Kartik’
‘Happy new year Priya’
‘how was the start?’
‘Utterly fantastic’
She laughed and pecked on my lips.

My first kiss, her first kiss, our first kiss. All limits broken. Quite a good start for the year ain’t it?


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