Unsaid (Prologue)

15th November, Sunday, 2048

‘What’s this?’ Anshika pulled out an old looking diary from the box of father’s belongings.
‘Let me see’ I took it from her and examined it. I could see “2014” etched on the front and on the spine. It didn’t seem to be as old as it’s cover said, it seemed as if it was just bought last year, it seemed new. ‘This must be father’s diary.’ i glanced at Anshika’s curious face.
‘What should we do with it?’
‘Nothing. We put it back.’
‘Come on Arjun, we could take a look at least.’
I noticed more diaries. Lots of them. Lots and lots of them.
‘So many’ I counted father’s boxes. There were a total of 7 boxes and 4 of them were full of diaries.
‘All of them are his?’ Anshika asked.
‘I don’t know. Yes maybe’
I was curious about all these diaries and Anshika joined me. Father wrote so much. I couldn’t control and i opened up on of his diaries, it seemed like was father’s handwriting only slightly different, probably because it was years old. A crumbled sheet of paper fell out of the diary.
‘What’s this?’
‘let me se.’
I straightened out the sheet. I could see a red mark. A smudge. There was something written on it. I read, ‘I Kartik Maheshwari, vow that i’d never think of Priya Yamini, never take her name, never fall for her again. If i do, thunder strike me.’

I was baffled. What was this? Father made a vow to forget mother? Why? Damn i was curious now. Well our Sundays were extraordinarily boring when both our parents decided to sit at home and relax. So reading all those diaries super fast from morning to night seemed liked the perfect idea to spend the day. I really wanted to know what all this was about. And maybe we found some more answers. Maybe we get to know why our grandparents don’t live together. Maybe we get to know why our family is so twisted. Maybe we get to know enough, so that we fix this. We were so very hungry for knowledge now.

‘What?’ Anshika said
‘I don’t get it. Why would father make such a vow. So this must be…blood.’ I gestured towards the red mark.
‘Bhai. I am curious. We should take a look’
‘Anshu if father catches us he’ll be mad. Probably, i don’t know though.’
‘But we just found this paper on which our father made the vow to forget about our mother. How often does that happen?’
‘Yeah well…..’ I was curious too.

We took the boxes to our room closed the door, locked ourselves and searched for 2014’s diary. We found it.

‘Are you ready?’ I said in a spooky voice
‘Arjun stop wasting time! Come on quick’

I opened it and read. We were about to know the story of our parents. The story they never told us. Their unsaid story.


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