New Beginning

I never thought someone could love me so dearly. I never thought that holding someone’s hand can bestow upon me infinite peace. Her head leaning over my chest, over my beating heart was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Every second, every minute, every hour she grew more beautiful, i was pulled more strongly towards her. Slowly she was occupying my mind. Soon every neuron longed for her. My past was fading. A new future was being constructed. In her arms i was so safe. 
Oblivious to such love since childhood, i was confused and too sceptic to believe this to be true. It was all like a dream. Holding her hand for the first time was the best thing that could have happened this vacation. It felt as if conquering the world is no big deal, soaring high into the sky and to the Moon was just a task, it was as if i had the power to do anything. 
The problems i try to keep aside from brain were tossed away in a second by her. She playfully calmed me down, kissed me and made me forget all the sorrows and terrors of my life. Lying down beside her looking straight into her eyes, sleep never came to me, i could have kept my gaze on her beautiful eyes all night long. My futile attempts of pulling my eyes off her for a few minutes were pointless now, so i just sat there looking at her and admiring the masterpiece that she was. Four days were Enough to make me fall in love with her. Everything connected, it all felt as if it was meant to be. We didn’t do anything, it all just happened. It was fate working it’s way and destiny playing it’s game. 
I felt as if without this girl i’d die for sure. Because no other girl had ever been so close to me. No other girl had loved me so much. She was made for me, and i was created for her. Soon everything about her seemed so unique and special. I had completed fallen for her. I wasn’t even revolting, i let myself fall for her, and love fall into me. Because this was the time for me to embrace the new beginning. 


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